Creative work

The creative work of the professors and the students of KSCAU is an integral part of the professional training of specialists.

Immense work is being done at the University in the development of creativity of the university's departments and groups. Attention is paid to cooperation of the university with organizations of culture and arts of the Republic of Tatarstan and the regions of the Russian Federation, educational institutions and the state administration.

The basis for creative work of the university is formed from 25 constantly operating groups which perfect the professionalism of the students. The leaders of the creative groups are artists of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan and laureates of the state awards.

The creative groups of the KSCAU, such as the orchestra and ensembles of folk instruments, mixed folk and Tatar choirs, choreographic ensembles, and actors' crews have become very popular in the region. Annually these groups take part in 90-100 concert programs and appear on television in Russian and Tatar channels.

In the past 5 years 46 students and 18 professors of the university have become the laureates and winners of prizes in all-Russian and republic festivals and contests. Every year students and professors participate in international contests and festivals in Japan, China, France, Germany, Turkey, Tunis, etc. Creative work is regularly highlighted by means of mass communication.

The creative groups of the university organize republic and city mass celebrations and festivals, such as Republic Day, Sabantui, humorous contests and New Year holidays, the students' festival "Studencheskaya Vesna", the musical program "Igrai Garmon", etc., and the groups actively participated in the celebration of Kazan's 1000th anniversary.

2007 was declared as a year of charity in the Republic of Tatarstan. The students and the professors of the KSUCA held various activities devoted to that event.