It was organized in 1976 as faculty of cultural and educational work, in 1990 it was renamed into faculty of cultural science, in 1999 - in faculty of socio-cultural activity.

Today the faculty conducts preparation in 4 specialties:
«Cultural science»,
«Social pedagogics»,
«Socio-cultural activity»,
«Museum business and protection of monuments».

There are 3 departments in the structure of faculty: department of socio-cultural activity, department of cultural science, philosophy and sociology, department of pedagogics and psychology.

Department of socio-cultural activity is the oldest at University. More than thousand experts which nowadays head establishments of culture, conduct pedagogical activity, work in various areas of socio-cultural sphere as reviewers of socio-cultural designing, directors of art – vocational programs, teachers - organizers of amateur creativity, children's and youth leisure were prepared here.

Department of cultural science and philosophy has been carrying out reception of students in a specialty «Cultural science» since 1997. Its graduates work in high schools, scientific research institutes, the sociological centers, cultural funds, associations, committees on culture, lyceums, grammar schools, editions of newspapers and on TV.

Department of pedagogics and psychology has been preparing experts «Social pedagogics» since 2002. Graduates of faculty receive an opportunity to be engaged in professional work as the social teacher, in organs of education and social sphere state management etc.

11 doctors of sciences, professors; 13 phds, senior lecturers; 8 senior teachers, 8 teachers work at department. 10 post-graduate students, more than 40 competitors are trained in post graduate studies.

Preparation of the scientific staff is carried out with two postgraduate studies and two Dissertational councils in a specialty 24.00.01 - «Theory and history of culture» (on philosophical and historical sciences) and on a specialty 13.00.05 - «Theory, a technique and the organization of socio-cultural activity» (on pedagogical sciences).

Scientific directions of departments of faculty:

Department of socio-cultural activity:
- Psychology -pedagogical problems cultural –leisure activity
- Problems of management in socio-cultural sphere
- Enterprise activity in socio-cultural sphere
- Welfare designing in cultural – leisure activity
- Theoretical and methodical problems of free time
- Celebratory leisure in cultural – leisure activity
- Methodical maintenance of activity cultural - establishments

Department of pedagogics and psychology:
- Continuous education: methodological bases of designing and the organization (professor R.Z.Bogoudinova)
- Post humanism as a methodological basis of pedagogics of a postmodernist style: synergetic paradigm (professor L.J.Sirotkin)
- Pedagogical bases of the organization of teaching and educational process in establishments of additional education (senior lecturer S.N.Lebedeva)

Department of cultural science and sociology:
- Innovational aspects of modern culturology education
- Culture and art of people of Tatarstan
- Youth and a problem of preservation of a cultural heritage
- Daily culture

The faculty of socio-cultural activity has creative connections with high schools of culture and art of Russia, colleges of culture and art, museums, theatres, libraries, the creative unions etc. Annually on the basis of faculty meetings of study -methodical association of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation in the field of national art culture, socio-cultural activity and information resources are spent.

Management of faculty:
Dean - the professor, the doctor of pedagogical sciences Shamsutdinova Dilbar Valeevna.
Assistant of the dean – Akhmadieva Roza Shaikhaidarovna


Department of socio-cultural activity prepares experts in two specialties: «Socio-cultural activity» and «Museum business and protection of monuments».

The qualifications are «Technologist of socio-cultural activity, the teacher» Department has been preparing experts since 2003. The main courses here are: The rate of socio-cultural activity, technological bases of socio-cultural activity, and technological bases of socio-cultural activity.

Preparation of experts in a specialty «Socio-cultural activity» with specialization «Pedagogics in socio-cultural sphere»has been conducted since 1994.

The expert of socio-cultural sphere is a person combining qualities of the head, the economist, the organizer, the manager, the creator, the social worker, the teacher, the psychologist, the advertisement maker, the expert in public relations etc.

Graduates work as:
- Directors, managers of houses and palaces of culture, recreation parks, cultural - recreation centers, the show -entertaining centers etc.;
- Managers of projects and developers of original socio-cultural projects and programs, innovational control systems in sphere of culture, leisure and art;
- Producers of cultural - recreation programs, art-managers, technologists of socio-cultural activity;
- teachers of special disciplines of schools, colleges of culture and arts, system of retraining of personnel of high schools and faculties of culture and arts; scientific employees of scientific research institutes, laboratories, the centers; the impresarios or promoters;
- The agents working with professional actors, artists, top-models; production-managers.

The department prepares experts in «Museum business and protection of monuments» with specialization Excursiology (with knowledge of foreign languages), and qualification «Museum expert» since 2004.
Students are taught in full conformity with the state educational standard.

The area of the future professional work of the museum expert is:
- Various museums, galleries, showrooms, history-ethnographic and tourist complexes;
- The research and design organizations which are carrying out studying, preservation, development and propagation of a cultural - historical heritage;
- The organizations of control and protection of monuments of a history and culture;
- The state, public and commercial organizations creating and developing a network of museums, art-galleries, travel companies, and also bodies of protection of monuments of a history and culture;
- Secondary and higher institutions conducting preparation of experts in the field of a museum affair and protection of monuments.

In addition students can attend non-obligatory courses which are conducted by teachers of all faculties of the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts.

The postgraduate study on a specialty 13.00.05 - the Theory, a technique and the organization of socio-cultural activity was opened at the faculty in 2004.

The dissertational council has been working on a specialty 13.00.05 - The Theory, technique and the organization of socio-cultural activity since 2005.

The Head of Department - the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the senior lecturer, deserved art worker of Tatatstan Republic Kallimullina Gulzirak Hamzeevna

The department prepares specialists in «Social pedagogic».The faculty supervises practice of students, degree works and projects. Research work of faculty is connected to a problem of education of the person at school age in conditions of socio-cultural transformations.

The Head of Department - the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professor, the honored worker of science of Tatarstan Republic – Sirotkin Lev Yurievich

Teachers of faculty provide culturological preparation at all faculties of university, and also train experts in a specialty 020600 - "Culturology". The culturology, aesthetics, history of world art culture, political science, sociology, technique of teaching of culturology, history of culturology, the East - Russia - the West, methods of studying of culture, the theory of culture, etiquette , traditional culture, history of culture of Russia etc.

The first group of culturologists graduated University in 2002. They work in different parts of republic: in Tetushskiyi, Aksubaevskiyi, Sabinskiyi districts and other areas of Tatarstan.

Since 1999 the postgraduate study on a specialty 24.04.01. - « the Theory and a history of culture » was begun. Today the department trains 15 post-graduate students and applicants.

The postgraduate student - Gerasimova M.J. is the winner of the International competition, held in 2003, and called «Support of young researchers ». The competion was held with support of Henrih Bell Fund (Berlin), the International society "Memorial" (Moscow) and the centre of independent sociological researches (St. Petersburg). The Theme of her research - « Cultural integration of not hearing children and youth by means of art therapy ».

Main themes of scientific researches are:
- Innovational aspects of modern culturological education.
- Culture and art of people of Tatarstan.
- Youth and a problem of preservation of a cultural heritage.
- Culture and a healthy way of life.

The department realizes sharp necessity of strengthening of real prestige of culture and its transformation from property of the theory in the fact of daily life, therefore the main idea, the motto of our collective is: « The World of the culture is open to the person ».

The department is ready to cooperation with the various organizations in projects on problems:
- daily culture
- a folk image of the person in culture;
- innovational technologies in teaching of culturology
- modern etiquette;
- attraction of youth to preservation of a cultural heritage;
- the general questions of mythology;
- myth and art;
- a cultural heritage of people of the Volga region;
- intercultural communications;
- The East - Russia - the West;
- Humanization of environment of the person;
- traditional culture;
- folkloristics;

The Head of Department - the senior lecturer, the candidate of philosophical sciences Bazhanova Rimma Kashifovna