Department of foreign languages

The basic direction of scientific - methodical work of department is the improvement of quality of expert’s of socio-cultural sphere preparation by means of foreign languages.

The head of Department – candidate of philological science, the senior lecturer, deserved teacher of Tatarstan Republic Yusupova Dinara Sharifovna

Methodical and material resources
Foreign languages training is conducted in two stages: a basic course and a profile course according to the state educational standards. The advanced programs of studying of the English language as well as studying of the second language (German, French, Spanish,or Turkish) are introduced on a number of specialties such as applied computer science, management in sphere of tourism, management in socio-cultural sphere etc. Special programs are developed for faculty of additional education.

Language training is conducted on the basis of domestic and authentic textbooks, as well as on profile textbooks and manuals. A number of manuals are prepared by teachers of the department.

In the training of students both modern and traditional methods of training are used, technical means of training are also widely applied. Material base of department is rich enough. There are 5 specialized audiences, 2 video halls, rich audio tech, and video tech. There are also a plenty of portable tape recorders, a computer, the copier.