Institute of National Arts
The institute carries out preparation of experts in specialties: «National art creativity», «Vocal art», «Musical art of a stage», «Arts and crafts», «Art criticism», in specializations: «Folk singing », «Stage-jazz singing», «Vocal-choral creativity», «Folk - instrument creativity», «Arts and crafts creativity», «The Head of the ethnic cultural centre», «Art ceramics», «The History of the fine arts».

In the future the Institute prepares opening of a new specialty «Sound director of the dramatized presentations and holidays», and also opening of PHD dissertational council on a specialty «Art criticism».

There are departments of the Tatar music, solo singing, history and theory of music, arts and crafts creativity work in the structure of Institute.

Creative activity of institute is aimed at the organization of exhibitions of student's arts and crafts, preparation of concert performances, accounting concerts of students of solo singing and the Tatar music departments, active participation in musical competitions and festivals of modern folk creativity.

The main directions of research work are: revival and preservation of ethnical- art and ethnical-cultural traditions of peoples of the Volga region; study of Tatar folklore and ancient Tatar national instruments; creation of instrumental interpretations; original compositions for separate national instruments and ensembles and choral remakes of Tatar national songs; formation of vocal–pedagogical repertoire and release of manuals for a technique of voice training and concertmaster art; research of the separate phenomena of modern musical culture.

The director of Institute - the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer Fazylzjanova Guzalija Il'gizovna
Acting as directors - the candidate of philosophical sciences, senior lecturer Gordeeva Tatyana Jurevna
Director’s assistant - teacher Latypova Regina Rasulovna
The methodologist - Rosihina Marina Aleksandrovna