Scientific research activities of the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts are aimed at the acquisition and the use of new knowledge, including:

- Fundamental scientific research - experimental or theoretical activities aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge about the principles of structure, functions and development of the sphere of culture and arts, and the forming of cultural wealth of a new person in the development of different cultures
- Applied scientific research - research mainly aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge to achieve practical goals and to solve specific problems in the sphere of social and cultural activities, amateur art activities and library and information activities

The main problems for scientific activities of the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts are:

- Drawing scientific- pedagogical workers into scientific research, which favor the development of science, culture and art
- Using scientific research results in the educational process
- Contributing to the training of highly qualified scientific-pedagogical staff and improvement of scientific qualification of teaching personnel
- Acquainting students with formulation and solving of scientific problems and attracting the most talented students to scientific research

The main problems in the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts in the sphere of scientific-research activities are:

- Priority development of fundamental research as the basis for the forming of new knowledge, learning to apply new technology, formation and development of scientific institutions and leading scientific institutions on the main directions of the development of science, culture and art
- Guaranteeing the training of qualified specialists and highly qualified scientific-pedagogical personnel at the university
- Research and working out of theoretical and methodological fundamentals of forming and developing higher education; intensification of science's influence on solving educational problems
- Effective use of the scientific and educational potential of higher education for solving priority problems of the development of the social and cultural sphere
- Development of innovative activities
- Providing favorable facilities for protecting intellectual property and researchers' copyrights as the basis of strengthening and developing the university's scientific program and the arrival of the university's scientific group on the world market
- Expansion of international cooperation with educational institutions and foreign companies with the goal of arriving into the world system of science and education
- Formation of new experimental and research resources for higher education
- Development of the financial basis of research using commercial means and innovative activities