International Activity

International activity is no longer a matter of simply attracting foreign students to the university. It is one of the most valuable priorities in development and modernization of university education, one of the ways of educational space extension, development of science within university education and socio-cultural interaction and cooperation with foreign educational institutions.

The university's international activity conception is based on the grounds of understanding that Russia is integrating into the world's higher education system, actively developing new educational technologies and solving the problems of accessibility and the structuring of higher education.

The most important aim of the Russian higher educational institutions is training specialists at the international level, capable of meeting the requirements of developing society.

International cooperation is not only one of the ways to support the high level of Russian education, but also a way of mechanization and realization of national geopolitical and foreign economical interests. International cooperation in the contemporary environment is one of the tools used to provide educational, methodological and scientific activity of the university. The main objectives of the universities international activity are:

- Integration into the realm of European and world education
- Becoming a center of international cooperation for all cultural and educational establishments in the Volga region
- Establishing relationships and cooperation with the educational institutions development of higher education system under the conditions of global socio-cultural and economical changes
- Development of international cooperation to provide its competitiveness in the educational service market
- Raising and promotion of the university's international prestige and authority as a training and scientific center
- Providing the high quality educational and scientific activity according to real world demands

The priority guidelines of International activity of the university are:

- Establishing and developing cultural relations with associations, funds, unions, and other organizations in our country and abroad, with fruitful partnership in their sphere of higher education including training of international students
- Providing academic and student mobility and participation in educational and scientific grants and cultural projects
- Participation and realization of international contracts, agreements with foreign countries, cooperation in the field of higher education, including the exchange of teachers and students
- Cultural exchange
- Charity funds and the development of cultural links
- Curriculum improvements, establishment of new specializations, reorganization of the educational process in accordance with international standards.
- Including foreign teachers and scientists into the educational process.
- Participation in international scientific activity.

To achieve the mentioned targets our university strengthens links and establishes direct contracts with foreign higher education establishments. In 2007 the university signed agreements of cooperation with Lugansk State Institute of Culture and Arts (Ukraine), Kouratsch State University (Moldova), Azerbaijan State University of Dulture and Arts, Tashkent State Institute of Culture named after A. Kadyri (Uzbekistan), Baltic International Academy (Riga, Latvia) Sendian Institute of Arts (Uninitchi, China), the Youth International Society Eventus (Riga, Latvia), the Tatar Republic National Charity Organization, and Tolerance Center of the Volga region community, is engaged in a Russian-American programme. The cooperation agreement and the memorandum of intentions with the State University of New York (SUNY) were signed.

The visits of foreign guests, embassy representatives, the teachers of higher educational establishments, and specialists of culture and arts are becoming regular. The result of cooperation with the Fulbright fund is the participation of the assistant working as an English language teacher in 2007 from the USA in the foreign language department work of the University. The nearest plans include the entrance of the university into the European League of Institutes and Arts (ELIA). Our university takes an active part in the work of the coordinative center of the international affairs of Tatarstan with higher education establishments and holds international conferences.