International Activity


International Activity of Kazan State University of Culture and Arts

To achieve the set purposes the University develops communications, direct contacts with foreign high schools and universities.

Nowadays there are agreements about the development of the University’s cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with the International center of high technologies in the field of recreational technology and leisure development (Netherlands), Lycée of ZH.-B.Coreau (France), Fulbright foundation (USA), Public charitable organization of Tatarstan Republic «The tolerance Center «The world of Volga region», working in Tatarstan Republic within the Russian-American program «A trust climate », MOU with The State university of New York State (SUNY, the USA), The Baltic International academy (Riga, Latvia), Children's and youth’s international society «EVENTUS» (Riga, Latvia), Lugansk state institute of culture and arts (Ukraine), Komratsk state university (Moldova), Tashkent state institute of culture of A. Kadyri (Uzbekistan), Kirghiz state institute of arts of B.Beyshenalieva, Kazakh national academy of arts of Zhurgenev.

According to the agreement with UNESCO’s special department of human rights and democracy of Moscow State University of International Relations of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation in April, 2011 there was founded a branch of this department in the University.

In 2012-2013 Kazan State University of Culture and Arts held III and IV International Festivals “Parigevsk” with French partners (July), International Festival of Traditional Folk Art “Etnomiriada” (October), IV Kazan International Cinema Festival for young professionals and amateurs (September), Seminars for the managers in the sphere of culture in the framework of Robert Bosch Fund and Goethe German Cultural Center Program “Managers in the sphere of culture of Robert Bosch Fund in the Russian Federation” (November 2011, March 2012), International Scientific Conferences “Heritage of Lev Gumilev: Eurasian ideas of Lev Gumilev and the history of Eurasian nations” (October-November), “Historical and cultural heritage of Volga and Foreland Ural region as a potential for the development of tourist and recreational sphere of the area” (April), “Traditional and Dance Culture of the people of Volga and Foreland Ural region: research, education, art and functioning” (December), etc. Students and professors of the University are taking part in many International Conferences, Symposiums, Congresses, winning International Awards and Prizes. In April 2011 students of Theatre Faculty won Grand-Prix of VI International Festival “Russian Universe” (“Русский космос”) with a performance “Dog’s heart” (Paris, France), in April 2012 third year Music Faculty student Yuliya Khusainova won in Russian Festival of French Music “Festichant-2012” and went to France in order to participate in International Festival of French Music in La-Rochelle (July 2012); Folk Music group of our University “Gomga kon” with Alsu Enikeeva at the head and our Dance ensemble “Saydash” with Tagir Latifullin at the head are the winners of many International Festivals and Competitions, the recent one being International Folk Festival “Eastern Wind” in Montvalezan, France (August 2012).  

In 2012-2013 academic year, there are more than 60 international students from Poland, China, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries studying at Kazan State University of Culture and Arts.

 Contact details:

Rector’s Assistant on International Affairs and PR – Rimma Valeeva, Tel. 7 (843) 237-69-91, e-mail: prector@kazguki.ru

Assistant of Rector on International affairs - Aliya Khusnullina, tel. 7(843)237-69-91, e-mail: khusnullina.aliya@yandex.ru

Inspector responsible for Work with International Students – Yuliya Yusupova Tel. 7 (843) 237-69-91, e-mail: prector@kazguki.ru