Our faculties include:

·        Social and Cultural activity;

·        Art culture and Design;

·        Music;

·        Theatre;

·        TV and Film making;

·        Dance;

·        Information service and Media technologies;

·        Economy, Management and Tourism;

·        Faculty of correspondence education.


Faculties offer education on the following specialties and specializations:


·    Psychology and pedagogy (bachelor degree)
·    Record management and archive management(bachelor degree)
·    Applied Information technologies (in design) (bachelor degree)
·    Publishing (bachelor degree)
·    Art of solo singing: Art of solo folk singing (bachelor degree)
·    Music Stage art: stage and jazz singing (bachelor degree)
·    Music Stage art: Instruments of stage orchestra (bachelor degree)
·    Art of folk singing: art of folk singing in choir (bachelor degree)
·    Conduction (bachelor degree)
·    Music and instrumental art: bayan, accordion, stringed plucked instruments (bachelor degree)
·    Folk art culture: Choreography (modern dance) (bachelor degree)
·    Choreographic art: folk dance (bachelor degree)
·    Folk art culture: managing ethno-cultural centre (bachelor degree)
·    Folk art culture: applied and decorative art  (bachelor degree)
·    Design (bachelor degree)
·    Stage direction of theatre performances and festivals (bachelor degree)
·    Folk art culture: amateur theatre (bachelor degree)
·    Art of acting: puppet’s theatre artist (specialist degree)
·    Art of acting: stage artist (specialist degree)
·    Social and cultural activity (bachelor degree)
·    Social and cultural activity (master’s degree)
·    Museology and the protection of cultural and natural heritage sites (bachelor degree)
·    Library and Information activity (bachelor degree)
·    Library and Information activity (master’s degree)
·    Film operatorship (specialist degree)
·    Folk art culture: cinema-, photo-, video creative art (bachelor degree)
·    Director of cinema and television: director of documentary cinema-, television- and videofilms (specialist degree)
·    Director of cinema and television: director of television programs (specialist degree)
·    Audio engineering of mass cultural performances and concert programs (specialist degree)
·    Service (bachelor degree)
·    Culturology (bachelor degree)
·    Art history (bachelor degree)
·    Organization of work with the young (bachelor degree)
·    Theatre director (specialist degree)
·    Economics (bachelor degree)
·    Management (bachelor degree)
·   Tourism (bachelor degree)

 University offers to get the higher education in all above mentioned specialities (admission to different programs varies from year to year – please pay attention to the page “For applicants” of our website).

 There is a postgraduate school on 7 scientific directions.

The university offers the preparation for undergraduate, graduate schools and doctoral candidacy. 

There are also courses for school children on variety of different artistic areas.

 Language of education is Russian.