The Centre of Innovational Technologies

The centre of innovational technologies of the Kazan state university of culture and arts (CIT) was founded in September, 2005.

The basic purpose of CIT activity is creation and operation of systems of information-methodical and computer - technical maintenance of educational process at University.

The centre is to promote formation of a politics of University in the sphere of quality management of education and to coordinate a management of this politics in educational divisions.

For maintenance of this direction the following is being done:
- Monitoring systems and estimations of quality of educational activity are developed;
- educational and methodical works are optimized and advanced;
- The computer - technical base of educational process, appropriate to demands of University development, is created;
- New educational technologies are approved and introduced into educational process.

One of tasks for CIT is formation of databases of educational process, bank of educational-methodical materials, in particular, control tasks, creation of an electronic card file of materials on problems of higher education.

The elements of monitoring of educational process are already introduced. The work over unification of information-methodical and documentary maintenance of educational process is begun.

The lectures in the field of pedagogics of the higher school, psychology, managements of education take place in the Centre of innovational pedagogical technologies regularly, specially for these purposes leading experts are invited. These lectures are the basis of creation of permanent system of training of employees of the University, they include preparation of the professors, lecturers and support personnel to realization of new technological processes of higher education, and also adaptive training of young teachers. CIT has established contacts with centers of training and retraining of teachers.

The major direction of CIT work is realization of scientific - methodical conferences and the seminars devoted to actual problems of expert preparation.

The structure of CIT consists of: the sector of study-analytical work, a video record library, video laboratory, studio of a sound recording, the multiple copying centre, 10 computer classes (one more in the near future will be added). All divisions are equipped with the modern equipment. The computer classes are also used as educational audiences as the modern expert should know computer technologies, and skills of documents duplicating. The skills of video use, the sound recording, the work with reproducing equipment, installation audio- and video- materials, arrangement, use of stage effects, and other skills are necessary for many specialties of culture and art.

Among employees of CIT are candidates of sciences, senior lecturers, post-graduate students, engineers, senior students, trainees on a specialty «Applied computer science».

In the future the Centre is planning - preparation for introduction of technologies of distant training, realization of researches on problems of socio-cultural education, participation in the creation of electronic library of University.