Library KSUCA

The library of KSUCA was founded in November, 1969. Today the library is one of the leading structural divisions of university. Its activity is aimed at creation of conditions for scientific, educational and practical work of students, professors, postgraduate students, and administrative staff.

The Staff of the library consists of 15 persons. The collective of the library tries to satisfy intellectual inquiries of users fully, through providing the complete set of librarian-information services.

Structure of the library:

1. A department of acquisition and processing of documents
1.1. Acquisition
1.2. Cataloguing, classification
2. The Department of service and storage of funds
2.1. The Subscription
2.2. The reading Room
2.3. Sector of the national - local lore literature
2.4. Bookstorage
2.5. Sector of automatization
3. The Department of the musical literature
3.1. The Subscription
3.2. The reading Room
3.3. Bookstorage

There are more than 160.000 copies in the funds of the library. The funds are completed with modern scientific, educational, assistance, periodicals, fiction, books on art, and musical notes.

Various data carriers are used in the library. The system of traditional card catalogues and card files (in which all funds of the library are reflected) operates alongside with printed and electronic data carriers.

The introduction of new information technologies has begun since 2002. The electronic catalogue contains more than 6 thousand records. Employees carry out various inquiries, using electronic databases. It helps them to speed up information search and to open funds of the library thoroughly.

The Library always takes part in the scientific actions, spent at KSUCA, by organizing thematic book-journal exhibitions.

The reading room in the House of the students of KSUCA contains the basic educational literature, the periodical press.

3-4 thousand copies annually update funds of the library. The number of readers constantly grows which is caused by increasing number of students, post-graduate students and their interests to funds of the library. The library serves about 92 thousand readers annually. More than 250 thousand names of various printed matter are given out during a year. The reading rooms seat simultaneously about 340 readers.

The Library tries to make use of the most of its potential in education of the future experts.