Arnold Schwarzenegger Harsh on Donald Trump


What did the Argentine boy say that captivated everyone when talking about climate change?

The former governor said that California’s «harsh environmental laws», which have reduced polluting gas emissions and boosted renewable energy, are an «example of success» for everyone.

He considered that they steroide kaufen legal are not incompatible with economic growth , since, currently, the state alone is the fifth world economic power, behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

«They are politicizing the problem saying that it is a question of left or right wing. It is nonsense,» reproached the actor, who praised the mobilizations for the climate of young people around the world, who, he predicts, will suffer «the many mistakes that are being committed now. »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Harsh on Donald Trump

Greta Thunberg, the teenager who founded a green revolution with a poster

«The old people who created this problem are going to die in 30 or 40 years, but these children are going to inherit a fucking planet , » he stresses.

The former governor was very critical of world leaders for not acting as «true public servants» and «doing nothing», although «the population is asking to take measures against pollution.»

According to Schwarzenegger, the politicians «are stuck in their ideologies, they lie, they do not fulfill their promises, they cheat and they suck at the oil companies.»

In addition to promoting the Arnold Classic Europe, Schwarzenegger has promoted in Barcelona his latest film  steroide online kaufen;«Terminator: Dark Destiny» , the sixth installment in this fictional series about human-looking androids programmed to kill people.

«I am very proud of her, I think we have done a fantastic job,» he stresses about his new film.

The former governor has recognized his love for Barcelona and Spain, where this sporting event has been held for the ninth year, and assures that he would «love» one more movie here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Harsh on Donald Trump

History: Germany allocates 100 billion euros to «protect the climate»

«I already did one in the eighties, ‘Conan the Barbarian’, but it would be great to do another one. The locations are fantastic, they have a lot to offer,» remarks the popular actor.

In his defense of a «healthy planet» , the actor claims his «fitness movement», which for a few days he has taken to Barcelona to promote healthy habits and claim the inclusiveness of sport.

«In bodybuilding and weightlifting, a burden weighs the same whether you are rich or poor, young or old, Muslim, Catholic or Jewish; it is the good thing about sports, everyone is equal,» he concludes.

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